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Read what critics have to say about Mr MooQ

“The perfect concoction of soothing nostalgia and catchy contemporary vibes, Mr. MooQ’s latest release ‘Oh My My My My’ is a highly enjoyable number for every music lover.”  read full review

~Daily Music Roll Magazine


“Oh My My My My is a sweet electronic ballad, one built from strands of synths, soulful bass lines and understated yet groovesome beats embellished with hints of rock-infused guitar flashes and floating flutes, gentle electronic ebbs and subtle digital flows.”  read full review

~Dancing About Architecture 

"Mr MooQ expands his fantastic discography with an equally fantastic song that will definitely appeal to music fans with high standards. Handmade and authentic pop music!" read full review

~Excess Magazine

"In an ever-evolving musical landscape, it takes a true visionary to create a sound that stands out from the crowd, and Mr MooQ has done just that with the release of the mesmerizing new single, "Oh My My My My." Drawing inspiration from the likes of David Bowie and the Talking Heads, Mr MooQ has crafted an enthralling psychedelic rock track that is both catchy and profoundly captivating."   read full review

~Music Farmer 5


"In consideration, I would place Mr. MooQ in the same musical realms of his contemporary artists, the late Warren Zevon and the prolific Randy Newman. Both mentioned artist are known for their works including pays on words, creative analogues and taking music and prose to create audio paintings that morph into mental images that entertain and inspire."   read full review

~Indiepulse Music

"The phenomenal latest release from the artist known as Mr. MooQ, titled “No One” has listed as the top track in the much respected Digital Radio Tracker chart for the Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart for Independent Music released this season. While presently listing favorably in the Global Top 200 chart simultaneously, it is no surprise that given his musical talent and pedigree of experience, the amazing and mysterious Mr. MooQ shows his fans old and new a brighter side of melodic bliss."   read full review

~Starfleet music

"“Are We Good?” feels like a track that’s well executed and it’s certainly done with the most gusto possible. Mr Mooq oozes charm and what’s truly remarkable is how much of that is infused into the music, with fully formed songwriting proficiency the song sounds compelling with heartfelt lyrics and infinitely shiny melodies."   read full review


StereoStickman (Rebecca Cullen) Interview with Mr MooQ

You’re a fairly prolific, fast-working songwriter – how long have you been writing songs, and what’s your process like?

Been writing songs for decades. Almost all my life, and that’s a long time!

It all starts with a good idea either lyrically or musically. This idea is developed and if I believe in it enough, it becomes a song! Sometimes this process is obsessively fast and other times painful slow. It’s like riding a bucking bronco. Jerking me all over everywhere and trying to buck me off! If I can hold on… I’ll most likely end up with a great song. (Read the whole interview)

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