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Do you have "Skin in the Game?"

Click the picture to see the behind the scenes making of this single and all the people involved!

Video set up. Sam just doing his thing.

Time out! The "Shirts" are playing against the "Skins!"

I think the "Skins" won.

Baibi having fun!

Mr MooQ still working on the Tracks!

Click the picture below to watch the promo video!

There's another Promo here:

Might as well watch the whole video! Click on the picture below:

Join the team as Mr MooQ battles to hold on to the one he loves.. He's got skin in the game and he's taking careful aim to sing you another powerful and moving pop single. Skin in the Game: Written by Mr MooQ and James W Saxon, Mixed by Chuck Zwicky, Produced by Mr MooQ, Back vocals by Baibi Vegners, Video by Chuck Love

© 2020 Fortune Frog Music LLC

Thanks for watching!

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