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Coachella 2022 starts this weekend!

If you've ever wondered what it's like to go to an amazing music festival like "Coachella,"

join Mr MooQ as I explore the awesome 2019 Coachella festival!

Stages and music everywhere!

Indoor and Outdoor!

More colorful at night!

Besides music... Lots of cool weird stuff to explore!

Giant Spacemen floating around causing mischief!

Interesting architecture and art everywhere!

It was over a 100 degrees and time for a cool drink!

3 days of sun, fun, and night life! It was an amazing time!

Mr MooQ's song "Are We Good" was released during the Coachella festival and it would percolate it way over the radio becoming the 2nd Mr MooQ single to hit the top 40 charts.

"Are We Good" by Mr MooQ

Thanks for looking!

New Song release coming soon!

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