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Inspired by the windy deserts of Palm Springs California.

Adelina remains one of my favorite Mr MooQ songs. Scroll below to see all the talented people behind the scenes!

Andy LaCasse adding the "Western Vibe" with his elegant guitar work!

Andy and Mr MooQ grooving to the track.

Baibi Vegners adding the background vocal parts.

Charlie Erickson (Chuck Love) and Mr MooQ contemplating ideas that Charlie would work into a finished video presentation.

Mr MooQ wandering the desert in search of "Adelina."

Many thanks to the Fortune Frog marketing people and all the promoters behind the scenes. (right to left) Bruce Saline, Mary Erbele, John Paul Check, Jim Saxon, and Mr MooQ)

And finally thanks to Jim Saxon and Randy Evert co-writers and Chuck Zwicky for his masterful mix!

If you made it this far maybe you'd better watch the video!

Thanks for watching!

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