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Welcome to the world of Mr MooQ!


I'm Mr MooQ, take some time and look around. Check out my songs and videos, there's quite a few. On my blog you'll find some cool behind the scenes stories, and pictures.


If you're interested in reviews and charts there's plenty of them to read. If crazy merch is your thing, go to the merch page and have some fun!


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Perhaps you've been there, attracted to the wrong person, then caught up in a gnarly web of lies and deception. Join Mr MooQ as he sings from the "Web of the Spider."
Powerful, moody, and fun, great for Halloween and more.

"Web of the Spider"

What's New?

Have you played "Celebrity Trivia" and "Celebrity Dancing" with Mr MooQ?
Well... What are you waiting for?! DO IT NOW!

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